“It was an absolute pleasure working with Marta and her crew. Mad For It Productions will always be my first point of call when shooting in Spain.  Her resourcefulness, professionalism and good humour throughout enabled us to get through a very challenging production and exceed all expectations with the finished film. Thank you Marta!”

Matthew Cummins
Freelance Producer

“The Mad For It team were a pleasure to work with. They found us the perfect cast and location. Communication wasn’t a problem and they delivered within budget. I’d highly recommend them.”

Sam Pattinson
Executive Producer
The Third Company Ltd.

“My experience with Marta and Mad For It Productions was nothing short of…..perfect! From the moment we arrived from LA we were on a path of having our expectations exceeded without any drama or surprises. Our preproduction communication was timely and succinct, direct and to the point. We built very complex sets on a stage and the crew was exceptional as were the results. Thank you Marta, crew and support for a seamless and delicious (best food on the planet) experience. As Marta always says:    “xoxoxoxo” to you Marta.”

Jim Krantz

“When I met Marta she became more than a producer for me. She puts her head and soul into everything she does so by the end of a first production with her you got yourself "a friend for life”. As a Creative director in NYC, productions for me are the best part of the job. It’s the culmination of ideas, a vision. A good production company like Marta’s, not only does that but she builds on to it, arriving to an even better product. The most important thing to factor-in in a production is: “You never know what is gonna happen". You have to be prepared to “control the unknown”. That is a pretty hard job. Marta and her crew do it ‘with style’.

Marta is madly good!"

Maria Haro
EVP Creative Director
FCB Health
New York

“I've had the pleasure of working with Marta and her team twice already—once on a big massive production, another one in a much smaller scale—and both have been such awesome experiences. Every detail, every call, every crewmember, etc. just exceeds expectations. Yes of course it’s always fun to shoot in Madrid or Barcelona, but it’s so much nicer when you know you only need to be concerned with being an artist and that the rest is taken care of in such a professional manner."

Marta stays cool even in the most stressful situations, always a smile, always positive. I can't wait to have an excuse to work with the Mad men and women of Mad-for-it!”

Oh and did I mentioned she has the best taste in food and wine? 

Rodrigo Cid
New York